CloudCanal The Way to Modern Data Stack

A data synchronization and migration tool that helps enterprises build high-quality data pipelines with real-time efficiency, precise interconnection and one-stop.

About 4k dba/sa/devs community, trusted by well known companies.

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A Tool Focus On Data Movement

The basic functions and their features which CloudCanal have.

Realtime data synchronization with schema migration and historical data initialization

Schema Mapping

Automatically mapping schemas, tables, collections, topics, indexes, columns and so on between various DataSources.

Data Filtering

Data filtering by writing SQL where condition, Full Data, Incremental and Verification are all supported.

Custom Data Processing

Writing Java code and implement interface of SDK, you can do data masking, cleaning, transforming with your own business logic.

DataJob Dynamic Edit

Change subscription of DataJob, improve synchronization performance, without longer interruptions.

DDL Synchronization

Commonly used DDL/schema change events support, with metadata level convert between different DataSources, avoid embarrassment after interruptions caused by DDL.

Metrics and Alert

Dozens kinds of metrics supported, clearly what's the DataJob going on, also delay and exception alerts sending through email,slack or discord.

Real-time Real-time

Less than 5 seconds delay during incremental data parsing, batch collection, operation filtering, data conversion, metadata mapping, data writing and other operations are completed.

Precisely Connect Precisely Connect

The data types, structure specifications, and read/write characteristics at both ends of the data link are accurately matched and converted.

Stable and Scalable Stable and Scalable

Streamlined core, single-process architecture, distributed system and high-availability deployment. Large-scale, distributed, and high-quality data pipeline clusters.

One-stop One-stop

Functions are automatically transferred and run through a finite state machine. One-stop support for a range of user data preparation and long-term synchronization process

Hybrid Deployment Hybrid Deployment

Supports private deployment of public clouds and local data centers, supports data security synchronization requirements between remote clouds, clouds on and off-cloud, and multi-cloud.

Complex Data Transformation Complex Data Transformation

Standard capabilities such as metadata mapping, clipping, and filtering, supports users to upload business code for complex data processing.

How To Get Started

Watch video and quick start now.

How to install and active CloudCanal?

Installation & Activation

This video tells you how to install and active CloudCanal.

Create my first DataJob

Quick Start

This video tells you how to create a DataJob with CloudCanal to synchronize data from one MySQL to another.

Supported DataSources

For more detail, pls step to Overview document of Introduction section.

  • MySQL


  • Oracle


  • PostgreSQL


  • SQLServer


  • RDS for MySQL

    RDS for MySQL

  • ElasticSearch


  • Hive


  • Kafka


  • RocketMQ


  • RDS for PG

    RDS for PG

  • ADB for PG

    ADB for PG

  • Greenplum


  • RabbitMQ


  • TiDB


  • PolarDB


  • ClickHouse


  • PolarDB-X


  • Redis


  • Kudu


  • MongoDB


  • StarRocks


  • OceanBase


  • Doris


  • SelectDB


  • MariaDB


  • Db2


  • Aurora


Try CloudCanal Now

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Learn About CloudCanal

Learn how to use CloudCanal in a suitable way.

Best Practices

MySQL to ClickHouse Synchronization

This article briefly introduces how CloudCanal synchronizes data from MySQL to ClickHouse, using ReplacingMergeTree / ReplicatedReplacingMergeTree as the ClickHouse table engine by default.

Best Practices

MySQL Bidirectional Synchronization

This topic mainly introduces how CloudCanal does MySQL bidirectional synchronization and anti-loop, and the solution features include: GTID is not dependent Independent of the order of transactions, can be parallelized Fewer peer-to-peer operations Universal support for cloud databases

"CloudCanal is a very excellent data synchronization software, which solves the problem of data synchronization between various systems that our company has been troubled for a long time. In particular, the after-sales technical support of cloudcanal is very conscientious and responsive, and solves many technical problems for us, which is a highly recommend."

Doo Group

"CloudCanal offers a user-friendly configuration interface that enables efficient migration and synchronization of data across databases and cloud vendors. In addition, it features powerful API interfaces and the ability to be deployed privately, making integration with internal enterprise systems convenient and providing users with an all-in-one data synchronization solution."

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