About ClouGence

Professional provider of data migration, synchronization, and management products and services.

Our aim is to facilitate, refine, expand, and secure the flow of data, enabling users to leverage it effectively, while also ensuring a seamless and stable process.

Found ClouGence Co., Ltd

ClouGence has been established, marking the beginning of a story.

CloudCanal V1 Release

CloudCanal V1 was completed and released, and we began to showcase our product to the world.

Have Commercial Client

We have started our commercialization and have acquired our first commercial client.

Found CloudCanal Community

In order to create a better and more refined product, we established the CloudCanal community.

Secured Millions in Pre-A Financing

We have gained the favor of investors and secured Pre-A financing.

1000+ Users

We currently have over 1000 users actively utilizing our product, and new users continue to join us consistently.

To be Continued

The story is still ongoing, let us look forward together to the next milestone.

Our Values

Each specific task is analyzed rationally and approached scientifically.
Work&Life Balance
Efficient completion of work allows for more time to spend with family.
We strive to grow together with our users, making ourselves stronger and better along the way.
The Utmost
Having a pursuit for simplicity, elegance, and precision in things and methods

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