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Regular DataJob

CloudCanal supports create Full Data & Incremental DataJob, once started, CloudCanal will automatically execute the multiple DataTasks in order.

This article introduces how to create a Incremental DataJob with Schema Migration, Full Data, and Verification, taking the example of migrating and synchronizing local MySQL to MySQL.



  • DataJob > Create DataJob1.png

Select DataSource

  • Select the Cluster for DataJob execution.

  • If Cluster have multiple nodes, CloudCanal will active normal Dual-level Disaster Recovery Scheduling. 2.png

  • Select the source and target DataSources.

  • Click Test Connection button.

  • Select database or schema. CloudCanal supports the migration and synchronization of multiple schemas 3.png

Select DataJob Properties

  • CloudCanal supports multiple DataJob types, including Full Data, Incremental, Schema Migration, and Verification and Correction.

  • To create an Incremental DataJob, select Incremental and check Full Data option. 4.png

  • When Worker resources are sufficient, you can choose a larger specification with better performance and higher stability.

  • By default, it is selected to Start Automatically after creation, but you can choose not to start after creation.

Select Tables

  • Select table name mapping, choose specific operation filtering. 5.png

  • CloudCanal supports searching tables by conditions in the search box. 6.png

Select Columns

  • Select the migration columns and also set to filter the data for migration and synchronization by conditions. 7.png

Confirm Creation

  • Confirm the selection of the DataJob content. 8.png

Created Successfully

  • Once the DataJob is created and set to automatically start, it will start automatically.
  • Enter the DataTask details to view specific DataJob information. 9.png11.png12.png