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CloudCanal On-premises Deployments are available in three editions, including Community, Standard, and Enterprise.

This article introduces the pricing and differences between the different editions.


Number of DataJobs3 links (What is the link?)1~15 links> 15 links
License AcquisitionFree Apply onlineBuy onlineTalk to sales
Software AcquisitionDownloadDownloadDownload/Offline delivery
Duration of Authorization3 months (manual renewal)According to the orderAccording to the contract
Service LevelCommunityEnterpriseEnterprise
Service Time/5 * 8 hours7 * 24 hours
Attendant Level (Max.)EngineerEngineerArchitect
Fix or Feature Prioritieslowmiddlehigh
CustomizationnonoAccording to the contract
Applicable ScenariosTest or POC verificationProduction use with a smaller scaleConstruction of medium and long-term data platform/data operation system

Pricing Rules

Brand New Purchase

The actual price paid for the order (USD) = Number of newly purchased DataJobs * Number of newly purchased hours * Unit price * Discount

The user's purchase month will be converted into actual hours for pricing, and the specific conversion logic is referred to the appendix.

Renewal or Expansion

Original price of new purchase order (USD) = Number of new purchased DataJobs * Number of newly purchased hours * Unit price

Historical resource translation value (USD) = Original price of old order * Discount of old order * (Remaining license hours / Old license authorization hours)

Order actual price paid (USD) = Unit price * discount - Historical resource conversion value

If less than 1 hour remains, 1 hour will be counted as the time of conversion.

Price Example (Standard)

DataJobs countSubscription timeUnit priceTotal price
1 link (What is the link?)1 month0.35 USD/(link * hour)252 USD
1 link6 month0.35 USD/(link * hour)1512 USD
1 link1 year0.35 USD/(link * hour)3066 USD
5 links1 month0.35 USD/(link * hour)1260 USD
5 links6 month0.35 USD/(link * hour)7560 USD
5 links1 year0.35 USD/(link * hour)15330 USD
10 links1 month0.35 USD/(link * hour)2520 USD
10 links6 month0.35 USD/(link * hour)15120 USD
10 links1 year0.35 USD/(link * hour)30660 USD
15 links1 month0.35 USD/(link * hour)3780 USD
15 links6 month0.35 USD/(link * hour)22680 USD
15 links1 year0.35 USD/(link * hour)45990 USD
  • illustrate
    • The above are some examples of the current selling prices on the official website, for reference only.
    • Due to the difference in the number of days in the month, the document and the system release time, there are some differences in the actual order, and the specific price of the order at that time shall prevail.
    • The number of DataJobs sold, subscription time, unit price, and discount may change in the future.



  • Heavenly ordinal number
    • The day of the month is the day ordinal, for example, January 1, 1 is the first day of January, and the day ordinal is 1.

Evaluate Rule

  • 1 month contains the number of days between the ordinal number of the current month day and the ordinal number of the same day in the next month.
  • If the next month same day ordinal does not exist, the date with the smallest of the nearest day ordinal is taken.

The following is an example of purchasing a one-month license, and the purchase time is 00:00 on the same day

Start date (Day ordinal)End date (Day ordinal)The number of days actually included in a month
July 15 at 00:00 (15)August 15 at 00:00 (15)31 days
September 3 at 00:00 (3)October 3 at 00:00 (3)30 days
October 3 at 00:00 (3)November 3 at 00:00 (3)31 days
August 31 at 00:00 (31)September 30 at 00:00 (30)30 days
July 31 at 00:00 (31)August 31 at 00:00 (31)31 days
February 29 at 00:00 (29)March 29 at 00:00 (29)29 days
January 31 at 00:00 (31)February 28 at 00:00 (28)28 days