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Terms of Use

When you download and activate CloudCanal Community Edition, you agree to the following terms of use. For privacy protection , please refer to Privacy Policy.

In this Agreement, "Hangzhou ClouGence Technology Co., LTD" is referred to as "we", and users who log in to the website or use CloudCanal products are referred to as "you".

CloudCanal Content includes, but is not limited to, products, code, SDKs, APIs, documentation, UI interfaces, promotional content, patents, and copyrights.

IPR Ownership

CloudCanal Content is owned by Hangzhou ClouGence Technology Co., LTD , and may not be cracked, modified, distributed or disseminated without authorization.

As Is Basis

CloudCanal Community Edition follows the "as is" basis, and the CloudCanal team strives to continuously improve the product, but does not promise any product features, release time, service availability and timeliness.

Scope of Use

CloudCanal Community Edition can only serve the company/organization to which the applicant belongs and can be used in the production environment.

Unauthorized use of CloudCanal Content for third-party commercial project POC (including product functionality/performance testing, interface screenshot reports, etc.) or commercial sale, please contact us for project POC application, commercial procurement, or OEM cooperation.


You shall not use CloudCanal to conduct any activities that violate local laws and regulations, and you shall bear all consequences caused by such activities.

We are not responsible for any failures and losses caused by users' use of CloudCanal Community Edition.

Right to Modify the Agreement

Hangzhou ClouGence Technology Co., LTD has the right to modify the content of this agreement at any time without notifying the user.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us by email ( or contact number (86-0571-88603096).