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CloudCanal is a Data Synchronization and Migration Tool that helps enterprises build high-quality data pipelines with real-time efficiency, precise interconnection, stability and scalability, one-stop, hybrid deployment, and complex data transformation.

cloudcanal core functions

Data Migration

It relocates all the data of the specified DataSource to the target DataSource, supports various DataSource, and has the characteristics of resumable upload, sequential page scanning, parallel scanning, metadata mapping and pruning, custom code data processing, batch writing, parallel writing, and data condition filtering, which has little impact on the source data source and good performance, and meets the needs of light data processing.

Optionally paired with Schema Migration, Verification and Correction to meet schema preparation or data quality needs.

Data Synchronization

By consuming incremental operation logs of source-end DataSource, it replays them in the peer DataSource in near real time to achieve the purpose of data synchronization, and has the characteristics of resumable upload, DDL synchronization, metadata mapping and pruning, custom code data processing, operation filtering, data condition filtering, and high-performance peer-to-peer writing.

Schema Migration, Full Data, Verification and Correction can be used to meet the data quality requirements of data preparation and long-term data synchronization.

Schema Migration and Synchronization

It helps users quickly execute the source-end structure to the peer-to-peer function, which has the characteristics of type conversion, database dialect conversion, and named mapping, and can be used independently or as a data migration or data synchronization preparation step.

Data Verification and Correction

The source and peer data are taken out separately, compared field by field, and the difference data can be corrected, and the function can be used alone or with data migration or data synchronization to meet the needs of user data quality verification and repair.

DataSource Supported

Vertical is the source side, horizontal is the target side.

cloudcanal datasources_1 cloudcanal datasources_2