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CloudCanal has the advantages of real-time efficiency, precise interconnection, stability and scalability, one-stop, hybrid deployment, and complex data transformation, and is more focused, meticulous, and professional than similar products.


The data synchronization function generally has a delay of less than 5 seconds, during which incremental data parsing, batch collection, operation filtering, data conversion, metadata mapping, data writing and other operations are completed.

Precisely Connect

The data types, structure specifications, and read/write characteristics at both ends of the data link are accurately matched and converted, so that the differences in each data source type and version can be properly resolved.

Stable and Scalable

The product has a streamlined core, a single-process architecture, and a distributed system and high-availability deployment. The product realizes large-scale, distributed, and high-quality data pipeline clusters by combining the task processes of various functions.


Functions such as structure migration, data migration, data synchronization, data verification and correction, and subscription modification are collected, and functions are automatically transferred and run through a finite state machine. One-stop support for a range of user data preparation and long-term synchronization processes.

Hybrid Deployment

It supports private deployment of public clouds and local data centers, pays primary attention to user data security, and effectively supports data security synchronization requirements between remote clouds, clouds on and off-cloud, and multi-cloud.

Complex Data Transformation

By default, the product includes standard capabilities such as metadata mapping, clipping, and filtering, and supports users to upload business code for complex data processing.