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This topic describes the application scenarios of CloudCanal products to help you implement data application requirements.

cloudcanal business scenarios

Bidirectional Data Synchronization

It helps services synchronize data between database and message middleware data in two directions, eliminates synchronization loops, and achieves business goals of remote multi-activity and data disaster recovery and backup.

Sample: MySQL Bidirectional Synchronization

Data Sync for Data Warehouse

Through real-time synchronization, data not only meets the rigid requirements of business processes, but also has more applications, including but not limited to complex data retrieval (multi-dimensional screening, aggregation, connection, etc.), fuzzy search, sub-business process triggering, data sharing, data mining, etc.

Sample: MySQL to ClickHouse Synchronization

Data Sync for Big Data

Through message middleware to decouple online business and big data analysis, online data appears in message middleware in real time, downstream streams, batch data, and build a data platform.

Sample: MySQL to Kafka Synchronization

Multiple/Hybrid-cloud Data Sync

CloudCanal Tunnel data sources allow databases on both ends not to expose the public network, and come with authentication and encrypted transmission by default, making data synchronization more secure.

Sample: Cross Internet Data Synchronization

Data Architecture Upgrade

Custom code upload gives businesses the opportunity to perform complex data migration and synchronization, implement the clougence-sdk interface, accept the migration or synchronize data, perform transformation processing, or even call remote services, and finally return the results to CloudCanal.

This capability allows users to completely change the old business data structure and complete the non-stop transition between the old and new services.

Sample: Data Synchronization Masking


CloudCanal can greatly enrich the data application scenarios of the business, give full play to the original value of data, and continuously enrich more scenarios.

Sample: Data Verification and Correction