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Install (Docker Linux/MacOS)

This article describes how to install CloudCanal docker version under Linux/MacOS operating systems.

For Windows operating systems, refer to Install (Docker Windows) document.


Hardware and OS preparation

  • Operating System
    • CentOS/RHEL
    • Ubuntu
    • MacOS
  • CPU Architecture
    • x86
    • arm64
  • Specifications
    • CPU cores: 4
    • RAM: 8 GB

Environment Preparation

  • Before deployment, ensure that the following ports are not occupied (clean virtual machine recommended).

    cloudcanal-mysql25000The metabase MySQL maps ports externally
    cloudcanal-prometheus19090Prometheuse metrics query port
    cloudcanal-console7007CloudCanal Console and Sidecar communication ports
    cloudcanal-console8111CloudCanal web console port
    cloudcanal-sidecar18787DataJob debug port (e.g.,custom code)

Software Preparation

  • Install Chrome browser in user side.

  • Install the base tools

    ## centos / rhel
    sudo yum update
    sudo yum install -y yum-utils
    sudo yum install -y lsof
    sudo yum install -y bc
    sudo yum install -y p7zip p7zip-plugins

    ## ubuntu
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install apt-transport-https ca-certificates curl gnupg-agent software-properties-common
    sudo apt-get install -y lsof
    sudo apt-get install -y bc
    sudo apt-get install -y p7zip-full

    ## MacOS
    ## download 7-zip from official website and install

Package Preparation

  • Log in Official Site,click the Download Private Deployment button to get the package download link. downloadtgz

  • Download

    wget -cO cloudcanal.7z "${package download link}"
  • Extract

    7z x cloudcanal.7z -o./cloudcanal_home
    cd cloudcanal_home/install_on_docker

    The unzip content is as follows

    • Docker images
      • 4 compressed files ending with .tar suffix in the images directory.
    • Container orchestration files (in the {unzip directory}/install_on_docker)
      • docker-compose.yml
    • Scripts (in the {unzip directory}/install_on_docker)
    ./install.shFresh installation of CloudCanal
    ./upgrade.shUpgrade CloudCanal, which invokes the after cleaning up the content
    ./uninstall.shUninstall CloudCanal,includes stopping containers, deleting images, deleting metadata, and deleting corresponding volumes
    ./stop.shStop CloudCanal containers
    ./start.shStart CloudCanal containers
    ./restart.shRestart CloudCanal containers
    ./install_one_node.shDeploy a new node, refer to the High Availability Deployment documentation
    ./scripts/precheck_install.shPre-check script, check dependent software installation status, port occupancy, etc
    ./scripts/initDB.shUpdate the CloudCanal metadata use Flyway
    ./support/install_xxx_docker.shInstall docker and docker-compose
    otherOther helper scripts

Docker Preparation

  • To install docker and docker-compose, you can refer to the official document (version 17.x.x and above), or you can directly use the scripts provided by the installation package.

    ## centos / rhel
    sh ./support/

    ## ubuntu
    bash ./support/

    ## amazon linux
    sh ./support/

    ## MacOS,refer to document.
  • Allocate memory for Docker in MacOS f0f8aece-be13-44f6-be2b-d5fecd9a7b67-image.png

Install CloudCanal

  • Execute the installation script

    ## centos / rhel / MacOS

    ## ubuntu

    ## amazon linux
    sudo sh
  • Install successfully 7b00e562-cd45-4905-a626-1356503d8213-image.png

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